Artist Alice Park-Spurr
Medium Oil on canvas
Classification painting
Dimensions 116.8 x 91.4 cm

More Information

Alice Park-Spurr explores the interplay of line and shape through the gestural application of paint on canvas in the artwork, Spirit. Incited by the surroundings of her home on the remote shore of Tagish Lake, Yukon, the Korean-born artist translates her encounters with the natural world into reduced, yet emotive composition, comprised of resonating patterns and colours that punctuate. Comparing her process to that of an archeologist, Park-Spurr excavates the painting’s surface in a meditative practice involving intricate layering, through which depth and movement are achieved. Like an emulation of light filtering through diaphanous material or falling snow obscuring a sunlit lake-side view, Spirit becomes a dance of near and far, warm and cool. Park-Spurr’s refined visual language is like poetry that elevates the most simple element to celestial heights.