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About YAC

Our story of cultivating creativity with diversity and vibrancy.

Welcome to the Yukon Arts Centre (YAC), the Yukon’s creative home. YAC was founded by a passionate grassroots movement to be a resource for Northern artists and to reflect and support the artistic ambition of local and regional community organizations. YAC’s programming directions span the visual arts, performing arts, presenting, training, residencies, First Nations engagement and community outreach.

Our facilities are unique and versatile and can accommodate a rich array of exhibition, creation, and production activity. Our team prioritizes collaborations and partnerships within the territory and across the North. We also strongly value education through outreach models that create meaningful interaction with curated and/or visiting artists and our community.

Our programming continues to be responsive and aspires to have an inclusive approach that welcomes and encourages dialogue and connection with BIPOC, LGBTQ2S+, differently-abled, and cultural diverse artists and audiences. We continue to evolve and adapt our programming to be impactful and relevant in the 21st century and we hope you find something that sparks your imagination and curiosity in our calendar of events.

Our Values

  • Embracing diversity and inclusion in all that we do

    We recognize and embrace the beautiful reality that all the communities we serve are diverse and unique. We work continuously to be inclusive, supportive and respectful of the vibrant diversity of communities and cultures in the Territory. We recognize we have a role to support, encourage and further social justice.

  • Enriching meaningful relationships with Yukon First Nations

    We are committed to furthering our relationships with Yukon First Nations and other indigenous peoples, and listening to — and learning from — their history, experiences, perspectives, and needs.

  • Strengthen our collaboration with all our stakeholders

    We know that collaboration with all of our stakeholders will always be the foundation of our success. We seek out and support every opportunity to create relationships between artists, audiences and every community in the Yukon, and we work to strengthen and empower those connections.

  • We are fiercely committed to stepping into leadership of the arts

    We support and demonstrate open, humble and accountable leadership that advances arts and culture in the Yukon. We lead by example, with courage, integrity, wisdom, adaptability and open minds, and we empower others to do the same.

  • We believe in fun

    We celebrate generosity of spirit. We know laughter comes from a deep place and we are always welcoming. We engage with joy and humility to support innovative and creative spirits.

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