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Mind, Body and Spirit

Ken Anderson, 2004


  • Painting


Ken Anderson


Acrylic on canvas




91.44 x 213.36 cm

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Tlingit/Scandinavian artist Ken Anderson utilizes elements found in Northwest Coast art forms to conceptualize his understanding of the world. Playfully reenvisioning positive and negative space, Anderson’s balanced yet boundless explorations reveal new pathways of seeing through traditional formline. In Mind, Body and Spirit, Anderson delineates the canvas through colour and compounding segments to represent the totality of all beings: the mind in the bottom left, the body in the centre, and the spirit, surrounding in blue and white. Through inverting the opposite relations that characterize formline design, Anderon’s spirit figure becomes informed by unfilled, white space. For the artist, the refined design represents the spirit as a concept open to the viewer’s interpretation.