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Nov 10 2021

We Are Hiring

WHO YOU ARE: As the Programming & Venue Coordinator, you play a key part in our team – working to ensure the visual and...
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Sep 25 2021

A different story of death and devotion

By Amy Kenny Not many love stories start out six feet under, but that’s where The Resurrectionists begins - knee-deep in gr...
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Sep 08 2021

A time to celebrate

By Amy Kenny If you’re looking to feed both body and soul, Street Eats and Beats might satisfy the craving.  The City...
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Aug 27 2021

You can stop wondering - local festival announces lineup

If the Wonderhorse Festival sells out before you get tickets, blame the government.  “We were hoping to have greater c...
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Jul 22 2021

A feast for the senses

By Amy Kenny If you like ear candy with your eye candy, Loon Returns might be exactly what you’re looking for. The perform...
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Jul 12 2021

The beat of 14 different drummers

By Amy Kenny You have to have a drum. That’s what Joe Migwans says. It’s maybe the most important thing.  &ldqu...
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Jul 07 2021

Artists selected for Chu Niikwän Artist Residency

Yukon artists Sheelah Tolton, Kim Roberts and Rebecca Manias have been selected as the artists of the Chu Niikwän Artist Resi...
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Jun 24 2021

Finalists announced for Yukon Prize

In a competition judged by three outstanding Canadian arts professionals, the organizers of the Yukon Prize for Visual Arts announ...
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Jun 07 2021

You look sew familiar

By Amy Kenny Sometimes it takes a new set of eyes on you to make you feel truly seen. That’s what Meshell Melvin has found ...
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May 28 2021

Alone, together

By Amy Kenny Last year, when Alistair Maitland was approached by the Yukon Arts Centre to exhibit a series of photographs he&rsqu...
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Apr 15 2021

First Light Image Festival focuses on the art of photography

By Amy Kenny Less is more. That’s what Mark Kelly has learned in putting together the 2021 First Light Image Festival. Bec...
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Apr 02 2021

Weather, comedy and improv

By Amy Kenny The weather isn’t small talk anymore. It can’t be, in Anita Rochon’s opinion. These days, if you&r...
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Mar 17 2021

Don’t be late for this very important date

By Amy Kenny Maybe the main reason Alice in Wonderland remains relevant decade after decade is that one of its main themes—...
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Feb 12 2021

World Whale Day festivities take place Feb. 20

By Amy Kenny Forgive the pun, but Joyce Majiski’s Song of the Whale has had a ripple effect at the Yukon Arts Centre. In Ja...
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Feb 04 2021

Stitches tell stories in Indigenous regalia

By Amy Kenny There isn’t a stitch on Megan Jensen’s 2013 high school graduation dress that wasn’t sewn with mea...
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Jan 26 2021

Baby grand piano finds new home at KIAC

By Amy Kenny You could say the upright piano at the Klondike Institute of Art and Culture has character. You could also say it so...
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The Yukon is filled with art and culture, and places that are sure to inspire. Let’s take a closer look at where you can find art and culture in the territory.

Jan 01 2021

Where Can I See Art & Culture In The Yukon?

Where Can I See Art And Culture In The Yukon? The Yukon is an inspiring place where artists express themselves using conceivable ...
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Yukon artists to perform seasonal music

Nov 20 2020

Local love

The Yukon bubble may have shrunk back down to the size of the territory this month, but that change won’t impact the kickoff...
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Nov 17 2020

Memories of the Chilkoot Trail Artist Residency - Mennell

The Chilkoot Artist Residency has brought artists to the trail for nine years to create unique works of art. With the trail closed...
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Nov 12 2020

Diyet to perform in cross-Canada chorus

By Amy Kenny When Diyet van Lieshout was asked to participate in a cross-Canada rendition of Handel’s Messiah, the singer h...
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Artists form the Yukon Illustration Coalition

Oct 30 2020

Illustrating a point

By Amy Kenny There simultaneously is and is not a lot of space for illustrators to show their work in Whitehorse. On the one hand...
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Oct 23 2020

Reaching an audience through the airwaves

Nothing highlights the value of narration like making the switch from live theatre to radio plays. “In our first episode, t...
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Sep 23 2020

Memories of the Chilkoot Trail Artist Residency - Tabbert

The Chilkoot Artist Residency has brought artists to the trail for nine years to create unique works of art. With the trail closed...
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More than 300 Canadian venues will light their buildings red in solidarity with the live events community.

Sep 18 2020

Supporting those behind the scenes

By Amy Kenny This fall, Light Up Live wants to train the spotlight, not on the stage, but on the people behind the scenes of all ...
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Aug 29 2020

Created at the Canyon a diversity of artists

By Amy Kenny Pencils and paintbrushes travel more easily than video cameras and keyboards, but coordinators of this year’s ...
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Aug 20 2020

Theatre in the round gets off the ground

In planning its fall programming, the Guild Hall considered the current climate—both the distancing measures in place these ...
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Aug 18 2020

New national artist residency announced

The Yukon Arts Centre is excited to come together with national partners to present the inaugural Field Trip: Artist Residency - a...
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Aug 12 2020

Crazy Smooth, recipient of the 2020 Clifford E. Lee Award

The Centre de Création O Vertigo (CCOV) is proud to announce that Crazy Smooth, its 2019-2021 long-term artist in residence...
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Cypherfest celebrates its 10 anniversary.

Jul 31 2020

The show must go on

By Amy Kenny In some ways, having to work within constraints has really opened up possibilities for artists. That’s been th...
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Jul 22 2020

COVID can’t stop music camp

By Amy Kenny This year’s Yukon Summer Music Camp is BYOI—bring your own instrument. It’s one of the ways Kather...
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Jul 15 2020

A stressful show

Rick Zuran’s first ever exhibition is the result of stress, but not the kind you might imagine.   His photographs...
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Jun 26 2020

New prize gives artists time and space to create

By Amy Kenny Artists are the best judges of what they need. That’s why a new $20,000 prize in the territory isn’t tie...
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Lisa Dewhurst named First Nations advisor for YAC.

May 26 2020

A resourceful role

By Amy Kenny The first step in learning more is acknowledging what you don’t know. Casey Prescott, CEO of the Yukon Arts Ce...
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May 15 2020

A different kind of art opening

By Amy Kenny Ever wonder what it’s like to have a private showing at a gallery? Beginning this week, you can book one at th...
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May 05 2020

Indigenous music festival makes its debut online

“Artists for Artists”.  That’s the motto behind the upcoming Tkaronto Music Festival: Online, organiz...
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May 01 2020

Wake up, Whitehorse

By Amy Kenny The Awaken Festival was so well-suited to being adapted to an online audience, artistic director Colin Wolf says he ...
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Apr 24 2020

Junction Arts and Music offers recordings of past shows

By Amy Kenny There may not be any new performances taking place in Haines Junction as part of Junction Arts and Music this summer...
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Apr 21 2020

Lineup for online concert series selected

Eighteen Yukon performers has been selected for the Not Close But Personal online concert series which will be live-stre...
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Apr 15 2020

Making do in Dawson

By Amy Kenny It’s normal to be feeling the cabin fever by the time spring rolls around in the North, but spring 2020 has ta...
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Apr 07 2020

Online activities during COVID-19

There are a myriad of activities available online to keep you and your family occupied during these trying times, so we have ...
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Yukon artists find ways to cope with COVID-19

Apr 04 2020

Art in isolation

By Amy Kenny Art may be created in isolation, but it’s experienced by community. What happens for artists, then, when a com...
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Mar 24 2020

YAC brings new exhibit to your home

Since the Yukon Arts Centre is closed to the public due to the COVID-19 virus, a video of its new exhibit, Emerging North, can be ...
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Mar 16 2020

Yukon Arts Centre closed to public due to virus concerns

After careful consideration and growing concerns over the COVID-19 virus, the Yukon Arts Centre will be closed to the public effec...
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Feb 27 2020

A podium that says as much as the speaker

By Amy Kenny The most recent acquisition of the Yukon Arts Centre made its debut in December, but if you missed its unveiling, th...
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Feb 10 2020

It’s A-live (performance of Mary Shelley’s famous novel)

By Amy Kenny On its surface, Frankenstein seems like a straight-ahead horror story, but Sarah Fornace views it as a cautionary ta...
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Jan 24 2020

Are you with the band?

By Amy Kenny You don’t need to be a professional musician to be part of the band. You just need to be in the audience when ...
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Jan 20 2020

Ryan McMahon live podcast recording kicks off ALFF

By Amy Kenny Ryan McMahon calls his own show “the worst named podcast on the Internet,” but he also calls it the best...
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Dec 18 2019

Yukon Arts Centre adds 5 more shows to winter lineup

The Yukon Arts Centre has increased the number of shows it is presenting in the new year that includes comedy, drag queen variety,...
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Dec 12 2019

A solstice tradition

By Amy Kenny How do you define Canadian music? Maybe it’s Neil Young, or Buffy Sainte-Marie. Maybe it’s The Tragicall...
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Dec 06 2019

RBC Dominion Securities donates $25,000 to YAC

Dianne Bruce, Director’s Council Investment Advisor for RBC and longtime Yukoner, along with Mike Edwards, Branch Manager fo...
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Workshops are on respectful workplaces in the arts and on digital literacy

Dec 05 2019

YAC and N3 offering two informative workshops

WORKSHOP 1 N3/Yukon Arts Centre is pleased to offer a series of workshops over 3 days in Dawson City and Whitehorse in early Janu...
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Dec 04 2019

Solitary and collaborative shows share main gallery

By Amy Kenny Gukki Nuka is a private person. That’s why it’s a surreal experience for him to be approached by strange...
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Jerry Granelli brings the spirit of Charlie Brown on stage

Nov 21 2019

Behind the silver screen

By Amy Kenny It’s the most beloved Christmas special to have almost never happened. It seems hard to believe. When A Charli...
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Nov 12 2019

Jazz Yukon enriches music scene

By Amy Kenny You’ve got to be kidding—that’s the first thing Duncan Sinclair thought when he found out he was t...
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Nov 04 2019

YAC winter lineup announced

The winter lineup for the Yukon Arts Centre (January-March) kicks off with Hawksley Workman in January followed by Samajam and Fir...
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Nov 01 2019

Local comedian to open for Majumder

Yukon's Jenny Hamilton will open for comedian Shaun Majumder at the Yukon Arts Centre on November 16. Hamilton has been enter...
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Oct 23 2019

Blue Feather Music Festival inspires the heart

By Amy Kenny A blue feather is a symbol of hope. That’s why, when Gary Bailie established a music festival in Whitehorse in...
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Oct 16 2019

A modern dance fairy tale

By Amy Kenny For Cas Public, turning 30 isn’t a time to look back—it’s a time to move forward. “I always...
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Oct 07 2019

A collaborative concert

By Amy Kenny Jill Barber needs your help on this tour. It literally can’t happen without you. That’s because every se...
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Sep 27 2019

A participatory performance

Music is a participatory sport. That’s what Norman Foote believes. The children’s performer has been making his audien...
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Sep 20 2019

A series that sings

By Amy Kenny Musicians who come to the Yukon for the Whitehorse Concerts series inevitably ask Steve Gedrose to produce the one t...
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Sep 13 2019

Of myths and motherboards

By Amy Kenny Lillian Loponen’s family is spread across Canada, but her most recent exhibition at the Yukon Arts Centre Gall...
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Aug 28 2019

Art collection going digital

By Amy Kenny The Yukon Arts Centre is about to launch the first digitized collection of work in the Yukon, a significant move for...
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Aug 20 2019

To make a memory

By Amy Kenny There’s something about working with your hands that changes the conversations you have, says Sonya Kelliher-C...
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Aug 05 2019

Programming priceless experiences

By Amy Kenny When Michele Emslie looks at the crowd milling around the lobby of the Yukon Arts Centre before a show, she’s ...
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Jul 25 2019

A conversation on the arts

Come join a conversation about the arts with Canada Council for the Arts Director and CEO Simon Brault as part of his tour of nort...
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Jul 24 2019

Yukon youth receive awards to write music

Four Yukon youth will be receiving $675 each from the Inspire Song – North for 90 Award to help them write original music. ...
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Jul 19 2019

Putting on the breaks

By Amy Kenny In a northern example of the butterfly effect, the slow speeds of yesterday’s Internet may be responsible for ...
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Jun 25 2019

Out Innerspace wants to limbo with Whitehorse  

By Amy Kenny Tiffany Tregarthen is an expert when it comes to dance, but she tries not to think about it that way when she’...
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May 29 2019

Yukon weaver and carver showcased in new exhibit

By Amy Kenny Ann Smith and Brian Walker sit side by side in the shade of the trees on their Long Lake property. The branches and ...
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May 22 2019

A Tribe Called Red performing at Adäka Festival

The Yukon Arts Centre and Adäka Cultural Festival are co-presenting the Canadian DJ collective A Tribe Called Red as the head...
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May 14 2019

Read all about it: Newsies coming to town

By Amy Kenny Angela Drainville admits it. Founding the Yukon Theatre for Young People was a selfish move. “I have two teen...
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May 01 2019

Moppets to invade Whitehorse

The Yukon Arts Centre is holding its first kids festival on May 18, called the Midnight Sun Moppets Children's Festival. This...
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Apr 25 2019

Mittens needed for art exhibit

Mittens and gloves are needed on loan from the public for an upcoming exhibit at the Yukon Arts Centre Gallery. They are for an a...
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Apr 19 2019

Opera is the rock concert of classical music

By Amy Kenny Julie Nesrallah knows what you’re thinking, but she isn’t snobby, despite the opera singing. “I&r...
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Apr 04 2019

Zeitgeist Cabaret comes to the Old Fire Hall

By Amy Kenny It’s like the tapas bar of theatre. That’s how Jacob Richmond characterizes North of the Sixtieth Parall...
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Mar 25 2019

Tentrees opening for Donovan Woods show

Award nominated Yukon singer/songwriter Gordie Tentrees will open up for Donovan Woods and the Opposition at the Yukon Arts Centre...
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Mar 20 2019

Great opportunities for Yukon artists

The Yukon Arts Centre is now offering two incredible opportunities for Yukon artists. The @YAC Residency is a commitment to the o...
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Mar 06 2019

Four new exhibits open for March 7 art extravaganza

By Amy Kenny When Jane Isakson and Kaisu Koivisto opened their exhibition in the main gallery at the Yukon Arts Centre this March...
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Feb 21 2019

Coming to Whitehorse: a collaboration between members of Arcade Fire and the Peggy Baker Dance Project

By Amy Kenny Peggy Baker’s new project, who we are in the dark, may resonate differently during a Yukon winter than it does...
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Feb 14 2019

An evening artist talk with Lisa Lambert and Brooke Maxwell

The Guild Hall and the Yukon Arts Centre present an evening talk with Tony Award Winning Composer Lisa Lambert (The Drowsy Chapero...
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Feb 11 2019

Steven Page to lead Yukon Arts Centre’s spring/summer lineup

Former Barenaked Ladies singer Steven Page leads off The Yukon Arts Centre’s spring and summer lineup with a concert in Apri...
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Feb 07 2019

New administrator of Culture Quest Fund announced

The Dawson City Arts Society will now take over the administering of the Culture Quest Fund from the Yukon Arts Centre.   J...
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Jan 29 2019

Chilkoot Trail Artist Residency Deadline

APPLY NOW for the Chilkoot Trail Artist Residency. The deadline is fast approaching on Friday, February 1 2019. Watch the video be...
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Jan 10 2019


With generous support from Lotteries Yukon, the Yukon Arts Centre has been able to purchase all new theatre curtains, and supply s...
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Snotty Nose Rez Kids, William Prince, Donovan Woods, and more.

Dec 04 2018


As the Yukon Arts Centre’s 2018-19 season comes to a close this March, we are heading out with performances by some of Canad...
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Oct 25 2018


Inspired by the exhibition catalogue for Native Fashion Now produced by the Peabody Essex Museum, the initial idea for A Study of ...
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Oct 18 2018


Here in the Yukon Territory, we’re so fortunate to be surrounded by incredible artists. Playwrights, actors, musicians, painters...
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Aug 24 2018


Dear Patron, I am thrilled to welcome you to the start of the Yukon Arts Centre’s 2018-2019 season, featuring artists from acr...
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