Ticketing Services


Tickets can be purchased in person at the YAC Box Office from Monday to Friday 1:00 to 4:00 p.m. and one hour prior to performances. (Summer Hours may differ, please call in advance.)


Tickets can also be purchased online 24/7 at www.yukonartscentre.com or by phone with a credit card by calling the YAC Box Office at (867) 667-8574.


YAC manages ticket sales and printing for all events occurring at The Yukon Arts Centre theatre, the Old Fire Hall, studio theatre. YAC also provides ticketing services for Non-YAC events, including Festivals, Sporting events etc.


Ticket Setup Fees

YAC charges an initial setup fee ($60.00) for the first performance of specific event, followed by a smaller surcharge for each subsequent performance ($18.00). All tickets sold (including comps) are subject to a small per-ticket fee to cover printing costs.


Tickets sold at the Yukon Arts Centre for events held at YAC or the Old Fire Hall includes a $1.00 box office service charge and a $1.00 Capital Reserve Fund contribution.

For events sold by YAC but taking place elsewhere a $2.00 service charge will be applied.


YAC can, upon request, customize the face of the tickets for an event.


YAC reserves the right to determine when ticket refunds (including any service charge) may be made. Sufficient cause shall include, but not be limited to: lack of seats, seats
blocked by equipment when exchange for comparable location is not possible, act substitution, show not as advertised, failure of equipment, failure to open doors or start show within a reasonable period of time as scheduled, and where patrons are unable to attend due to a severe weather event or other act of
nature. Generally, YAC will provide a refund to a customer if they request one a minimum of 48 hours prior to the show.

To receive more information please contact the Box Office at boxoffice@yac.ca.