The Old Firehall


Located in the Whitehorse downtown core, within walking distance of hotels, shops, restaurants and bars. The Old Fire Hall's intimate space is well suited for cabaret style performance, concerts, art installations as well as private gatherings. The Old Fire Hall is a unique branch of the Yukon Arts Centre, combining the resources and leadership of the Yukon Government, Department of Tourism and Culture, the Whitehorse Chamber of Commerce and the Yukon Arts Centre.

In operation since 2007, it has become a hub for community and cultural events. From theatre, live music, dance, and visual art exhibitions, to film screenings, book launches, conferences and retreats, the Old Fire Hall is the place to check out many of Whitehorse's vibrant community offerings.

The Old Fire Hall has a wide range of set up capabilities - some of which are outlined in the handbook below:




For displaying visual art, the OFH has a stock of gallery wall panels that can be installed around the room giving up to 8' centres and 4' angled walls. These walls require set up by our preparator, and includes filling, patching and touch up paint to their surface, and can include curatorial advice in hanging the art as well. Cost is $35 per hour, for these services- time required varies depending on size and complexity of set up. 1-2 persons required to assist.


A stage or screening with row seating can accomodate 80-100 persons. Options include bringing in cabaret tables from Jazz Society or Frostbite Music Society for a more intimate style.

A theatrical set up with audience seated on risers (52) and performance on the floor. Add 10 chairs per extra row on the floor. Rough maximum of 72 patrons depending on size of play space required for performance. Footprint of the risers is 20' wide and 16' deep. This set up requires 2-4 persons to assist with installation and strike and can take roughly 2 hours to set up and about 1.5 hours to strike.

A dance with live performers and chairs around the room can get up to 120 persons whirling around the room.


A great location for gathering to share ideas and information, the Old Fire Hall can accomodate small to medium sized meetings.

Bringing in round tables can seat about 80 persons, with a head table, room for catering, registration, and some display materials.

Classic C, U or rectangular set up can handle 30 persons comfortably. Again, with room for catering tables, registration, display, and A/V equipment.


The Old Fire Hall has access to two outdoor spaces that can expand your events. The south side has a park with benches and low sitting wall around one side and is available to all renters. The north end has a newly finished park space that has to be reserved, but features tent anchor spots, paving stones and protection of OFH and White Pass buildings on either side. 

A great way to expand your conference, reception, wedding, installation or community event!

These are just a few of the most common setups, each event is individual and we meet to discuss how your vision can be fulfilled!


* The Old Fire Hall is one large space, and the room is both the lobby and performance space.

* Due to proximity to a hotel and seniors residence, our guidelines state that events wrap up at 10:30pm, and patrons depart by 11pm.


The Old Fire Hall has a rich history! Learn more about it here.