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  • Heart of Riverdale

Inside Ballet & Matilda Jr


May 30, 7PM


YAC MainStage


$25/$20 for seniors & youth

The Heart of Riverdale brings you Art From the Heart, Presented by August and Associates, The Cooperators. This year’s Art From the Heart is made-up of four different performances: Game Over (an original piece by our Pre Professionals) Inside Ballet(all Ballet) Give a Mouse a Cookie (Recreational and After School Crews 1 levels) Matilda Jr. (Musical Theatre and After School Crews).

Please ensure your tickets correspond to the shows you are intending on seeing!

Inside Ballet: Capturing 3 historic ballets, Inside Ballet takes you on a journey from the beginnings of this dance form in 1849 with “Le Conservatoire”. Our dancers then share two numbers from the beloved “Don Quixote”, followed by an enchanting excerpt from “Swan Lake”. Weaving a modern-day documentary film-style amongst these classic gems, the Heart of Riverdale dancers entertain while sharing a wealth of talent and information about this incredible art form.

Matilda Jr.: Matilda Wormwood is a rotten, revolting child, or at least that’s what Mr. and Mrs. Wormwood think. After years of suffering the torments of her parents for her incredible mind and strong sense of right and wrong, the Wormwoods enroll Matilda in school, under the reign of Ms. Trunchbull. Join Matilda as she inspires the spirit of rebellion in her classmates, and her teacher, as they all work together to stop Ms. Trunchbull’s reign of torment, as she finds a new family who accepts her for who she truly is.