Kluane Hearts

Artist Threadbearers Quilting Group
Medium Mixed media
Classification textile
Dimensions 228.6 x 177.8 cm

More Information

This sampler quilt was produced by members of the Threadbearers Quilting Group from Haines Junction, Yukon in support of a member who had been diagnosed with breast cancer. Quilters were asked to abide by one rule, that each block contain their friend’s favourite colours: burgundy, green and cream. Along with this quilt, Threadbearers produced a second that was identical, but half the size. The smaller quilt was given to their friend to take to treatments, while the larger quilt was exhibited in The Quilt: A Celebration of Survivors in Ontario, through which funds were raised in support of Breast Cancer research and education. True to the spirit of early quilt-making, this work serves as an expression of coming together and strength through community.