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Yukon Micro

Ron Bolt, 2003


  • Painting


Ron Bolt


Oil on canvas (canvas stretched on to plywood panels)




182.9 x 121.9 cm each

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Ron Bolt’s triptych Yukon Micro was inspired by his participation in the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society’s Three Rivers Journey in 2003, during which 18 artists, writers, journalists and photographers made three simultaneous journeys down the Wind, Bonnet Plume and Snake rivers in the Yukon. With photorealistic detail, Bolt celebrates a fragile patch of lichen and moss, focusing on the intricate and colourful world that exists almost unnoticed within the expansive alpine tundra. The enlarging of these microscopic forms far beyond their original context gives the panels a monumental character suggestive of landforms, river patterns and cloud formations. Capturing the natural surface’s variations, and the relationship between colour, repetition, and form, Bolt reveals a kind of found abstraction within the Yukon landscape. Despite this microscopic focus, Bolt’s work echoes much larger, stressing the importance of preserving pristine areas of wilderness.