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Dance of the Fallen Angels

Pnina Granirer, 2002


  • Mixed Media


Pnina Granirer


Mixed media on canvas


Mixed media


121.92 x 76.2 cm

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In Dance of the Fallen Angels, Romania-born artist Pnina Granirer portrays dancers based on photographs taken during rehearsals at Kokoro Dance Theatre in Vancouver. This ensemble specializes in the dance form of Butoh, a style developed in Japan following World War II that is informed by post-war anxiety. Much like the art of dance itself, the pieces in this series are dynamic, diverse, and full of movement. Through a process of application and removal, Granirer’s mediums of paint, chalk, and pencils overlap in ways that seemingly trace “the way a body carries the records of life’s (mis)adventures.” Reflecting on the devastation of war, poverty and violence on humanity, the work’s title articulates the artist’s affirmation that, “We are, indeed, the fallen angels, in need of redemption.”