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Cluny II: An Anniversary of a Yukon Summer Solstice

Landon Mackenzie, 1983


  • Painting


Landon Mackenzie


Acrylic on canvas




213.36 x 426.72 cm

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Landon Mackenzie’s Cluny II: An Anniversary of a Yukon Summer Solstice immerses viewers in an imaginary Northern landscape, illuminated by the midnight sun. As part of a series of paintings named after the artist’s first son, Cluny II represents a significant moment of transition in the artist’s life, becoming a mother. Inspired by summers spent in the Yukon, Mackenzie’s towering mountainside embraces a family of nondescript creatures, reminiscent of Mattise cutouts. In an arch-like formation and encompassed by pastel tones, a mother appears to be feeding her young. This inconspicuous scene amidst a flattened plane of bold colour fields, becomes the symbolic expression of a mother’s inner psyche.