Since debuting in 2001, Broken Social Scene have personified the unyielding, incomparable power of IRL human connection. It’s hard to know what to make of an ongoing experiment like Broken Social Scene. BSS aren’t so much a united front as a perpetually mutating aggregate of competing creative energies.

Once a two-person basement recording project, broken social scene came to life onstage as a shadowy improvisational entity with a revolving-door roster, each concert a wholly unique experience dependent on the room, the weather, what they ate for dinner that night, and who was dropping in to play.

But by pursuing improvisational freedom over commercial considerations, broken social scene set a new gold standard for indie rock in the 21st century with 2002’s you forgot it in people, an album that pushed the genre far beyond its noisy ’90s slacker roots toward a more sonically expansive, emotionally expressive vision.

Throughout their two-decade run, broken social scene have achieved all the markers of modern indie success—rave reviews from pitchfork, invites to play coachella and lollapalooza, multiple juno awards and letterman appearances, and name-drops in lorde songs.

The Yukon Arts Centre enjoys a productive partnership with the Dawson City Music Festival, supporting the signature summer festival and co-presenting artists in Dawson City year-round. DCMF is thrilled to join YAC in collaborating on this exciting presentation, and while BSS can't get to Dawson City at this time, DCMF is always excited to participate in bringing notable artists to the north. YAC and DCMF look forward to continuing to work together, and aim to present high calibre performances in Dawson City together in the future.

Friday, July 14

Broken Social Scene

Event Details


Friday, July 14 2023


Two concerts: 6:00PM and 9:00PM

YAC Mainstage | July 14

Tickets: $60