Yukon Wildlife Viewing (Department of Environment) and Yukon Arts Centre are pleased to offer an artist residency at Swan Haven Interpretive Centre during the 2024 Celebration of Swans in April.

Witnessing the spring mass migration of tens of thousands of swans, ducks and geese is a unique experience. The Swan Haven Interpretive Centre, located on the shore of M'Clintock Bay in Marsh Lake, is a prime location for bird viewing during this time. As an artist, you’ll find inspiration in the local sights and sounds during your two-week stay in the area. Fall asleep and wake up to a chorus of swans, see birds silhouetted in the sunset and connect with the natural and cultural history of this special place.  

Open only to Yukon artists.

Residency dates: A two-week period of April 17-30 2024.

Application deadline: Feb. 23, 2024. APPLY HERE.

Photo by Jukka Jantunen