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Light and Shadow Series #4

Don Weir, 2013


  • Painting


Don Weir


Oil on canvas




85 x 59.5 inches; 86.5 x 61.25 inches (framed)

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In Don Weir’s Light and Shadow Series #4, what first appears as an abstract study of blue and white contours, on second glance becomes a nuanced view of windswept snow, cloaked in shadow. The prevalent Northern scene takes on an enigmatic quality as the reduced composition may be read as either a far-away mountain side, or nearby path. Previously known for panoramic landscape paintings, this work exemplifies how Weir shifts his gaze from the horizon line to the immediate foreground; in this case, a short stretch of trail between his house and studio in Atlin, British Columbia. Within the artist’s magnified point of view, shadows are modulated in cool variations of blue, defining an animated oscillation between the presence and absence of light on the snow-shrouded land.