Where Can I See Art & Culture In The Yukon?

The Yukon is filled with art and culture, and places that are sure to inspire. Let’s take a closer look at where you can find art and culture in the territory.

Jan 01 2021

Where Can I See Art And Culture In The Yukon?

The Yukon is an inspiring place where artists express themselves using conceivable materials and mediums. From the fireweed glowing during the midnight sun, the ice fog, and the colorful sunsets, all regions in the Yukon offer rewarding cultural and art experiences. Although the Yukon is among the places you can enjoy outdoor adventures, you can also take a break and see art and culture by attending workshops, admiring public art, or attending festivals. So, where can I see art and culture in the Yukon?

Art Studios and Galleries in the Yukon

The Yukon Artists at Work Gallery

The popular co-op run art gallery provides a venue for established and emerging artists. Currently, it’s situated at the corner of 4th Avenue and Wood Street in Whitehorse. Today, you can attend showcases by various artists from diverse artistic disciplines, such as potters, sculptors, fiber artists, and painters. Since artists take turns running the gallery, you can talk to different artists during your visit.


The Yukon Arts Centre is the only Class-A facility and Public Art Gallery that hosts around 10 to 14 exhibitions yearly. It features a wide range of innovative exhibitions in contemporary art from international, local, and national perspectives. YAC promotes artists and hosts national exhibitions. The facility is situated on the traditional territory of the Kwanlin Dün First Nation and the Ta'an Kwäch'än Council.

Klondike Institute of Art & Culture

Located in Dawson City, the centre of culture hosts exhibitions, art festivals, the Odd Gallery, and courses to carry on with the rich and cultural diversity of the Klondike. Therefore, if you’re ever in the Yukon and need to experience Northern art and culture, consider attending the presentations, workshops, lectures, and special programs offered by this art school.

First Nations Art

The Yukon is home to some of the best First Nation artists. Yukon First Nations artists are influenced by their traditional culture, spirituality and the natural world:

  • Yukon First Nations Arts: The Yukon First Nations Culture & Tourism Association launched an initiative called YFN Arts Brand to promote art created by Yukon First Nations and have made the artwork available to purchase online.
  • Adaka Cultural Festival: If you visit the Yukon during early July or late June, attend this festival in Whitehorse, where artists celebrate and showcase their First Nation culture and art. It includes contemporary and traditional dances, stories, music, community feasts, and films.
  • Kwanlin Dun Cultural Centre: Situated on the banks of the Chu Nínkwän (Yukon River), the Cultural Centre is a place where the heritage and contemporary way of life of the Kwanlin Dün First Nation is celebrated.

Public Art

Public art is prominent across the territory in places like Whitehorse, Carcross and Dawson City. In Whitehorse, the capital city, visitors can view an incredible range of public art: sculptures made with bronze, granite, metal and wood, murals, First Nations art, such as totem poles, and engravings.

For decades, Kwanlin Dün First Nation and Ta'an Kwäch'än Council citizens have shared their history and culture through art. Artists can showcase and promote their art at the Yukon Arts Centre (YAC) and other galleries and studios. Visit the Yukon and enjoy their rich heritage.