@YAC Residency

The Yukon Arts Centre is excited to announce the pilot year of the @YAC Performing Arts Residency Program.


What is this? 

The @YAC Residency Program is a reflection of YAC’s commitment to support the development of the arts in the Yukon, including the performing arts. This program has been created to formalize the ways in which the resources of YAC (facilities, equipment and crew) may be accessed by performance creators during multiple aspects of artistic development (rehearsal, production and personal development).

Who is this for?

For this residency program, performing arts includes (but is not limited to) music, dance, theatre, opera, musical theatre, spoken word, and hybrids of the above, which may also include media arts. The program seeks to aid in the creation, implementation and execution of new and/or existing works, festivals, events or other special performances. This program can be accessed by community and professional artists (emerging and established) as well as companies, not-for-profit arts organizations and collectives.

What does the application process look like?

Projects applicants are required to fill out an Application Form, as well as a technical questionnaire and a project budget. 

When should I apply?

Official intake deadlines for the @YAC Residency programs will be on November 1st  and May 1st every year, for projects that follow a recommended 6 months from the deadline date. We will accept applications on an ongoing basis outside these dates, but please note that unless extenuating circumstances have been expressed to YAC in advance, the application may not be read until the deadline dates expressed above.


Where can I direct my questions? Unsure if your project/organization qualifies? Are there barriers facing you when it comes to filling out the form? 

Email: residency@yac.ca