N3, a Yukon Arts Centre initiative, was established in 2014 to encourage and steer the continued development of arts, culture and heritage in Northern Canada. A collaboration between the Yukon, the Northwest Territories and Nunavut, this Northern Network x3 is an advocacy group made up of stakeholders from numerous organizations and is focused on building a strong support system for those working as presenters and producers in the arts and culture sector.

Additionally, N3 is purposed with fostering a greater recognition of Northern arts and culture, both in the context of the national arts scene and on the global stage. With the support of Heritage Canada and recognized at CAPACOA (Canadian Arts Presenting Organization) National Network Meetings, N3 is on its way to becoming a formidable cross-territorial performing and visual arts network in Canada.

N3 priorities include:

  • Strengthening links between Northern cultural organizations involved in presenting activity.
  • Continuing the growth of partnerships between the cultural sector and other sectors important to Northern communities, such as economic development, social services, justice and health sectors.
  • Strengthening and expanding the existing network between Northern communities.
  • Enhancing capacities in the cultural sector to present, produce, support and encourage arts and artists.
  • Promoting the social and economic value of the cultural sector in the North with the aim of increased public recognition in Canada and abroad.
  • Working with the tourism sector to further secure the role of arts and culture in the future of the North’s tourism industry.
  • Defining and promoting Human Resource Management in the arts and culture sector, including best practices, training, mentoring and fair wages.
  • Identifying and clearly mapping out all cultural resources in the North.


A natural extension of the Canadian Northern Network is the inclusion of other Circumpolar nations, such as Greenland, Denmark and Sweden – and this is part of N3’s growth strategy going forward.

N3 Summit N3 was initially born from the Yukon Arts Presenters Summit, held in Whitehorse in 2014. This gathering brought together over 100 individuals - stakeholders, artists, presenters and producers – to discuss a diverse array of issues of concern to the arts and culture community in the 3 Northern Territories. N3 was established following the summit, and in March of 2018, the first official N3 Summit was held. N3 is committed to continuing the Summit tradition. If you are interested in receiving N3 Summit information, contact Michele Emslie at


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