Jan 10 2019

With generous support from Lotteries Yukon, the Yukon Arts Centre has been able to purchase all new theatre curtains, and supply some Yukon venues with curtains for the first time.

After identifying general wear and tear, as well as the need to flame-proof, the time had come for new curtains to take their place. But, rather than contribute to waste, an effort went underway to work with community partners and re-cut the original drapes to custom fit venues across the territory.

A professional sewer was contracted to cut and sew all new drapes, which were then given to arts and community groups in Whitehorse and Yukon communities for their various venues.

Not only will these new drapes increase the opportunities for performing arts in these venues, but it will further provide access to youth education in the theatre technician industry. The more hands on experience youth have with the technical side of arts, the more they may learn what kinds of arts jobs they can pursue, while reducing the barriers to pursuing them.

The equipment addition will further increase the performance quality in the venues.

With the incredible support from Lotteries Yukon, this project has ensured that the Yukon Arts Centre Mainstage stays up to date with professional-grade equipment that meets industry safety standards, and venues across the territory are empowered to continue creating exemplary performing arts.