A COVID message from our CEO

Jul 26 2021

Given the recent news from the CMO of COVID restrictions being eased in August there have naturally been a lot of questions about how these new measures will affect seating capacity and general operation at the Yukon Arts Centre.

Since the Yukon Arts Centre was fortunately able to re-open in August 2020, we have been working with the following COVID safety parameters:

  1. Using only 25% seating capacity in the lower level with socially distanced seating (balcony has been closed)
  2. No in person box office sales at events (all sales are required to be online purchases)
  3. No concession sales
  4. Limiting performance run times to 90 minutes with no intermission
  5. Facilitated entrances and exits for audience members
  6. Mandatory face masks in theatre during performance
  7. Gallery closed to public pre and post performance

Although the new CMO guidelines recently presented support increases to capacities for certain Yukon businesses, theatres have not yet been identified as venues that can relax social distancing safety measures, which would allow us to return to full capacity.

The Yukon Arts Centre was one of the only theatres in Canada to remain operational during the pandemic and we are currently working with our national theatre partners to compose a good re-opening strategy as we begin the journey back to normal operation.  

The return to normal operation will not happen quickly and will take time for us to implement. It will be based on the most accurate information we have to ensure patron, staff, volunteer, and artist safety, which will continue to be our number one priority. We also need to be cautious in our approach and make sure that the fall/winter does not bring a return of any gathering restrictions that would no doubt affect our business first.

We will send out updates as these conversations continue to evolve and when there is new information.

Until then, thank you for your continued support and patience.

Casey Prescott, YAC CEO.