Cristina Luna, Ballenas y Brujula, 2020, lithograph.
Cristina Luna, Ballenas y Brujula, 2020, lithograph.

Waters of the Humpback brings together artists from Guatemala (Carlos), Mexico (Luna) and the west coast of Canada (van Netten) around the humpback whale and the vast waters it migrates through annually from its breeding grounds in Central America to feeding grounds in the North. Through paint, drawing and sculpture they illuminate this remarkable creature and the fragility of the ocean ecosystem that ties us together. 

Cristina Luna

Several themes are prevalent in my work, endangered species, the life that exist on our planet, natural cycles and other Universal phenomena. These are long standing interests of mine, expressed throughout my artistic career using a variety of media that includes painting, drawing, ceramics, printmaking and other media.

Animals, especially large mammals are of particular interest to me and I feel an emotional draw towards them as I reflect on their existence on our planet. Whales seem magical and miraculous to me, representing an ancient and secret knowledge and I am infinitely moved by their great presences.

One day, while on the beach, I was surprised to see two whales leap on the sea horizon: I will always keep that gift of nature in my memory.

Cristina Luna biography

Cristina Luna (born Mexico City, 1963) is a visual artist with 23 solo exhibitions and more than 20 collective exhibitions in Mexico and abroad to her credit. She studied Music at the National Conservatory of Music in Mexico City and holds a Bachelor of Engraving at the School of Painting, Sculpture and Engraving at "La Esmeralda".

She has been selected for various biennials and national and international artistic residencies and has also participated in various group exhibitions in Mexico, the United States, Puerto Rico, Cuba, Germany and Canada.

Since 2001, Cristina Luna has made San Agustín, Etla in Oaxaca her home and place of work. From her studio, she creates her visual works addressing the themes of nature, animals, endangered species and life on the planet through the painting, graphics, installation, ceramics and Earth art.

Irene Carlos, Dissolving Into Light, 2020, Acrylic on paper.

Irene Carlos

My work is intuitive, and spontaneously responds to colour, form, light and contact with loving beings. It is inspired by direct experiences with my surroundings. I have a strong connection to symbols, especially those shapes and forms derived from feminine energy and use them as part of my creative language.

I have travelled extensively worldwide and each environment or new place has led me to further investigations, expanding the themes and media within my work. As a result, I have diversified my practice from textiles to sculpture, painting, mixed media and photography.

Irene Carlos biography

Irene Carlos, (born in Guatemala City in 1955), is a largely self-taught artist known for her visual vocabulary and her bold use of colour and light.

Her artworks immerse us in her symbolic and almost metaphysical universe, with shapes and nuances linked to feminine energy.  She speaks to the human condition and the precarious natural world we inhabit with colors, textures and lines.

Based in Guatemala, her artistic career has taken her to Europe, South America, Central and North America with solo and group exhibitions and artist residencies. Her artwork has been collected by the Museum of Modern Art: Dominican Republic, Citi Bank, Lloyd’s of London among others. She has been curated into the Biennial of World Textile Art (WTA) 2020 in Santiago, Chile and was featured in the See Me exhibition presented by Musee du Louvre in 2015.

Natasha Van Netten, Compass, 2020, ink and seawater on paper.

Natasha Van Netten

Natasha van Netten is a Canadian visual artist based in Victoria, British Columbia. Her practice focuses on whales, cetology (the study of whales, dolphins and porpoises) and marine sciences. As a multi-disciplinary artist, she uses a variety of mediums such as oil paint, ink, seawater, paper embossing and metal to conceptually explore scientific information. Her art practice is strongly influenced by growing up along the BC coast and by her experiences at sea as crew on a sailing vessel. 

Natasha received a Diploma of Fine Art from the Vancouver Island School of Art in 2016. She was honoured to be a recipient of the Robin Hopper Legacy Award from the Victoria Visual Arts Legacy Society and received an Award of Excellence at the Sooke Fine Art Show in 2018. Natasha has exhibited in Canada as well as in the United States, Czech Republic, Russian Federation, New Zealand and Iceland. 

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Waters of the Humpback

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