Come see the exhibit, The Last Ice Show, by Rick Zuran in the Yukon Energy Community Gallery.

Zuran's work is an unique, bizarre photo suite of dimensional and spacey structures that when you let your mind wonder - they resemble alien roadways, viral strains, or galactic backdrops!  These artistic photos of lake ice taken in southern Yukon are a result of specific freeze-thaw conditions and a luck of the lighting.

The exhibit runs July 2 to August 15.

Viewings are by appointment only. To book your appointment click here. The link is for the Emerging North Exhibit, but can be used for this exhibit too.

Rick Zuran is a self-taught part-time amateur photographer/artist and a professional geologist based in the southern Yukon. His extensive traveling to remote areas, domestically and internationally, through his work as a geologist has propelled his inspiration to bridge art and science in a visually intriguing and educational way.

His double passion for art and the science of natural phenomena is achieved primarily through his photography. Rick has also created pieces using graphic computer design, ink & pencil sketching, and rock art as a lapidarist in the past.

Rick was born in Maldon, England, from Eastern European parents and moved through several cities in Canada and the United States. He gained experience in darkroom techniques, SLR photography, logo art, and a mural painting in his spare time as he simultaneously studied to obtain a BSc. in Geological Sciences at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver. Rick received his degree in 1988 and moved up to the Yukon that same year.


First recipient of the Aaron Craig Nicholls Memorial Award (1988) UBC.

Thursday, July 2 - Saturday, August 15

The Last Ice Show

New exhibit by Rick Zuran starting July 2.

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Thursday, July 2 2020

Saturday, August 15 2020


Yukon Arts Centre

Yukon Energy Community Gallery

July 2 - August 15