In this series Yukon's own Elvis Presley presents wildly colourful abstracted paintings.  He recounts how each multi-hued dot is a prayer, so this body of work is the result of millions of prayers and years of devotion. The paintings began within the walls and ceiling of his cabin. He photographed and printed them on canvas and then added to them with more painted strokes and detail. This series draws to mind the vivid work of Russian/French painter Marc Chagall and his words "If I create from the heart, nearly everything works" - this too is the spirit of Presley's work as he creates from his heart and faith.

The exhibit is on display in the Yukon Energy Community Gallery October 13 until November 27.

Tuesday, October 13 - Friday, November 27

The Divinity Series by Elvis Presley

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Tuesday, October 13 2020

Friday, November 27 2020