The exhibit has been extended to February 3!

Softcore is the first exhibition by Whitehorse-based North Node Collective featuring Courtney Holmes, Rebecca Manias, Katie Newman and Heather Von Steinhagen. Through the medium of soft sculpture, humour and discomfort are employed as a challenge to tired yet stubborn body standards and harmful social constructs.

Connecting the ways we feel in our bodies - silly, anxious, divine - to the tactile nature of textiles creates a soft space for self-love and acceptance. Despite a lighthearted approach, we remain engaged in the ways in which our bodies have been oppressed, celebrated, critiqued and policed. We exist outside of the ways our bodies are objectified and celebrate the journey to find softness within. 

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Wednesday, January 12 - Thursday, February 3


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Wednesday, January 12 2022

Thursday, February 3 2022


Yukon Energy Community Gallery

Monday - Friday, 10am-4pm