Suzanne Paleczny's sculptures arrive for installation at the Yukon Arts Centre on June 1. Photo by Mike Thomas.
Suzanne Paleczny's sculptures arrive for installation at the Yukon Arts Centre on June 1. Photo by Mike Thomas.

Artist Suzanne Paleczny is displaying three of her sculptures from her Human/Nature exhibit in the Yukon Arts Centre's sculpture gardens until the end of August. The exhibit originally was displayed in the Yukon Arts Centre Gallery in the fall of 2017.

Artist's statement from the exhibit:

As a child in the early 70’s I watched smoke spew from the stacks of industries along the St. Marys River in Sault Ste Marie. If we knew that pollution was bad, why, I worried, was it still allowed to flow unimpeded into the sky?

This body of work explores a perplexing and troublesome question that I continue to ponder:  why do we seem unable to stop ourselves from destroying Earth? Why do we treat Nature so poorly?

Like a clearing in a forest that grows so large that its centre retains no trace or memory of its former condition, I wonder if we too have lost sight of our origins. ​Over time have we forgotten, or more profoundly, do we no longer believe that we too are Nature?

Suzanne Paleczny with one of her sculptures at the Yukon Arts Centre. Photo by Mike Thomas.

About the artist:

Suzanne lives and works in Whitehorse, Yukon. Her primary media are oil painting and sculpture using a variety of materials such as driftwood, clay, wire and paper mache.

Her work is inspired by the human form and by the challenges of expressing the human condition. 

​She is strongly influenced by her own relationship with nature and the north. Her studies of forestry and work in nature education, and subsequent degree in cultural studies and philosophy have fueled her exploration of two converging topics: the realities of the physical and the philosophical worlds.

Working on Man Was a Fish for Human/Nature exhibition

Living abroad in Zimbabwe and Egypt have also added to her perspectives on how societies see the world and has given her an appreciation of the fluid nature of ‘being’.
Suzanne is a life-long learner.  With the benefit of a Yukon Advanced Artist Award, she studied painting, drawing, anatomy and sculpture at the acclaimed New York Academy of Art in 2016. She likes to examine the complexities and contradictions of contemporary life, and challenge her viewers with the scale of her work.
Suzanne’s works are in public and private collections in Canada, Egypt, the United Kingdom and the United States.

Wednesday, June 3 - Friday, August 28

Outdoor Exhibit: Suzanne Paleczny

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