Suzanne Paleczny_detail_Portrait of my Parents
Suzanne Paleczny_detail_Portrait of my Parents

Come to the opening reception for Suzanne's Paleczny's new exhibit on June 8, 5:00-7:00PM.

The Forgetting

How is the body a vessel for memory? How do the stories we recall and recount create who we are? These are the questions explored in this body of work through the lens of memory loss and family. As Whitehorse based artist, Suzanne Paleczny navigates the impacts of her parents’ dementia, she explores the fluid nature of memory, and the importance of memory in the making of the self through the construction of a personal narrative. “As I witness the disintegration or breaking apart of these narratives, I am haunted by one question in particular: who are we, if we cannot remember our own story?”

Thursday, June 8

Opening Reception: Suzanne Paleczny - The Forgetting

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Thursday, June 8 2023


YAC Main Gallery

June 8 | 5:00-7:00PM