A unique brand of “Yukon Funk”.

High energy bass-led grooves, soaring vocals, and a tight horn section; this is what fans of Whitehorse’s own Major Funk have come to expect. It’s a great formula for a good time, and they’ve got this down to a science. Several years of research and development in the studio and on the road has refined the band’s sound into something familiar but fresh, epic but accessible, and dangerously infectious. Most importantly, it’s a ton of fun, and it’s all on display on their forthcoming debut full length effort, “Is That You?”: a groove-heavy genuinely good time that will stay with you long after the last note.

Available for sale and streaming everywhere March 19th, 2021, be among the first to hear the new album live and celebrate its release at the Yukon Arts Centre, with two limited seating live shows and a pay-what-you-decide live streaming ticket option. Come get your groove on with Major Funk!


1. On the day/time of the performance, go to YukonTickets.com and Login

2. Click on "Tickets for Upcoming Events"

3. Select your performance and enjoy from home!

Friday, March 19

Major Funk’s “Is That You?”—ONLINE

Event Details


Friday, March 19 2021


YAC Mainstage

March 19 | 7:00PM

Run time: 1 hour, 5 minutes