In the fall of 2013 Whitehorse artist Jane Isakson participated in “The Arctic Circle” Residency, which brings together artists and scientists in the International Territory of Svalbard to experience the Arctic aboard the tall ship Antigua. This new body of work exploring our place in the North brings together her semi-abstracted paintings of the arctic and an interactive video installation.

Artist Statement: Points of Reference / Fracturing the Sublime

During the 14-day voyage, my perception of time was altered and my sense of personal space in relationship to my environment was challenged in new ways. Being on a tall ship fostered a sense of going back in time, a historical means of travel in a place that seemed suspended (literally frozen) in time.

Personal space was, not surprisingly, confined on the ship, but that experience extended further; out of necessity (safety regarding polar bears) parameters on our activity were imposed ashore and we had to remain and work in a defined area – a triangle between three armed guides. For me, this lead to an intensified awareness of my personal space in relation to my physical surroundings. This inspired the installation activities that I undertook both on the land and on the ship during the residency. Using canvas, candles, sticks and string, I made “mappings” of my location in relation to land masses and noticeable formations. Referencing “old” navigation methods of map reading, triangulation, and celestial observation, I tried to generate another level of experiencing/ understanding my location in the physical world. The installations proved to be a starting point for the paintings to follow.

The most potent impressions for me were somewhat contradictory, immense calm, yet with an overwhelming underlying energy, a palpable sense of contraction and expansion in both the landscape and me.


Kaisu Koivisto: Topophilia.


Thursday, March 7 - Saturday, May 18

Jane Isakson: Points of Reference

Fracturing the Sublime

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Thursday, March 7 2019

Saturday, May 18 2019


March 9, 2019 - May 18, 2019

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