Artist, Sandra Storey. Mike Thomas photo.
Artist, Sandra Storey. Mike Thomas photo.

About a god show:

This exhibition grew out of a SLAC gathering in summer 2019 when a large part of the meeting had been focused on worldly problems and the seemingly inadequate governmental and societal responses. However, on reflection, no one had mentioned a spiritual perspective or solution. This realization sparked the idea to reflect on “God/god” for an exhibition.

While for some spiritual beliefs are the central operative tenet of their lives for others the word ‘god’ and the church were the problem and not a solution. Many fell somewhere between those poles but for all the exhibition was a lens to explore their connection to something greater than themselves. Each of the artists addressed this personal subject with a diversity of materials and outlooks.

Leslie Leong, Immersion, 2022. Video installation. Mike Thomas photo.

About the Southern Lakes Artists Collective:

Members of the Southern Lakes Artist Collective. Mike Thomas photo.

The Southern Lakes Artists Collective (SLAC) was formed during an open house at the Ted Harrison Artist Retreat. It was conceived as a result of informal conversations among artists from the Southern Lakes region that afternoon. At the core, SLAC is an artist peer network – a place to share knowledge, skills and discuss art in a critical and thoughtful manner.  

While the membership now extends beyond the Southern Lakes and no doubt everyone had slightly different ambitions for the group, the initial reasons for being have persisted. SLAC is a contemplative group of artists with whom to share thoughts and ideas. There is also generous sharing of techniques, knowledge and experience. Meeting to catch up but also to conduct critiques of recent or in progress artwork. This invaluable exchange is dependent upon a high level of mutualism and trust, which has grown over the years.

Featured artists:

Margriet Aasman

Jeanine Baker

Lawrie Crawford

Leslie Leong

Joyce Majiski

Daphne Mennell

Rhoda Merkel

Helen O’Connor

Suzanne Paleczny

Sandra Storey

Ken Thomas

Donald Watt

Suzanne Paleczny, Searching for the Honkabeest, 2022, Oil on canvas. Mike Thomas photo.

Friday, November 25 - Saturday, February 18

Exhibit: a god show

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Friday, November 25 2022

Saturday, February 18 2023

YAC Main Gallery

Until February 18, 2023