This art exhibit in the Yukon Energy Community Gallery at the Yukon Arts Centre shines light on the environmental damage caused by the textile industry. It also showcases several artists who use old clothing and other textiles to create beautiful art.

Dressed to Excess is being co-presented by the Whitehorse Thrift Society and the Yukon Arts Centre. The curator is Janet Patterson.

“We Canadians love our clothes,” Patterson said. “We each buy on average 70 articles of clothing a year. As our closets overflow and we decide that a particular purchase didn’t bring us the joy we thought it would, we overload thrift stores and donation depots with our worn textiles.

Our collective conscience rests easy believing that those used clothes are being recycled or given a second lease on life, but the reality is much bleaker,” Patterson added.

About 85 per cent ends up in landfills. Of the remaining 15 per cent, only a quarter of that finds a home with a new wearer. Some is repurposed as rags for industrial use, some is used as insulation or car seat filling, but the rest is shipped to developing countries that are then forced to deal with our problem.

“My hope is that this exhibit makes us all reflect on our clothing habits,” Patterson said. “Perhaps we should consider not donating more but purchasing less. We might think about buying used whenever possible, or re-purposing clothes we no longer wear.”

This show includes a mannequin dressed by Patterson in 70 articles of clothing. It also features the work of the following Yukon artists who have rescued used textiles and turned them into beautiful art:

Darren Holcombe
Edwige Graham-Dillmann
Joie Quarton
Joyce Majiski
Judy Tomlin
Lyn Fabio
Martha Jane Ritchie
Nicole Bauberger

Dressed to Excess runs from May 4 – 31. On Saturday, May 7th from 1-4 pm, local artists Joyce Majiski and Lyn Fabio will offer workshops on how to re-purpose old clothing. Fabio will lead a class in making mittens with old wool and fleece; Majiski will show workshop participants how to embellish old t-shirts to create one of a kind creations. The workshops are $40 each and people can register at the Love2Thrift store on 4th Ave. across from MacDonalds.


Wednesday, May 4 - Tuesday, May 31

Dress to Excess

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Wednesday, May 4 2022

Tuesday, May 31 2022

Yukon Energy Community Gallery

May 4 - 31

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