Confluence is a dance work that weaves our perspectives, our histories and our bodies to create somatic tapestry that speaks to the resilience of Indigenous women. We embody the space between land and sky through play, prayer, grief and gratitude and are the living testament to the legacy that has been offered to us. Aligning our lives with the direction of the water in a river or geese in migration, we acknowledge we are always in process, shaping and carving through landscapes, creating rhythms and discovering our stories.

This will be the Adäka Cultural Festival Finale.

Produced by: Raven Spirit Dance

Artistic Lead: Michelle Olson

Choreographic Visioning: Michelle Olson, Starr Muranko and Jeanette Kotowich

In collaboration with performers: Michelle Olson, Starr Muranko, Jeanette Kotowich, Tasha Faye Evans and Emily Solstice Tait

Artistic Lineage: Margaret Grenier, Carlos Rivera, Yvette Nolan, Kristy Janvier, Salome Neito, & Tin Gamboa. 

Original Soundscore composed by: Scott Maynard

Music: Ä́'sía Keyi - Dyet and the Love Soldiers

All My Relations - Iskwew Singers

Ammalu - Russell Wallace

Lighting Designer: Kimberly Plough

Stage Manager: Kayleigh Sandormirsky

Rehearsal Director: Salome Nieto

Somatic Movement Coach: Donna Redlick

Wednesday, July 5

Adäka Cultural Festival Presents Raven Spirit Dance: Confluence

Event Details


Wednesday, July 5 2023


YAC Mainstage

July 5 | 7PM

Tickets $25

Runtime 55 minutes