The Yukon Emerging Artist Program is an initiative of the Yukon Arts Centre supported by the RBC Foundation to support the professional development of Yukon artists by creating meaningful mentorship opportunities between emerging and established artists.  

We are pleased to present round two of this initiative. Emerging artists who participated in round one of the program are welcome to participate again. 

During this time of Covid-19, Yukon Arts Centre is proud to continue to support Yukon emerging artists in all genres (visual, performing, music, literary, and multi-media artistic practices) through our virtual Mentorship Program.

This program will provide honorarium of $500 for mentee and $500 for mentor/collaborator. Yukon emerging artists can apply through this program to propose a virtual mentorship or collaboration with an established CANADIAN artist.  There are no deadlines for completion though projects must be completed within a reasonable time frame.


Applications are now CLOSED. 



This project supports emerging artists across all art forms who: 

  • Are in the early stages of their career in their art form, usually within the first few years
  • Are a creator of new work(s) or a practitioner of an art form
  • Demonstrate a commitment to devoting more time to their artistic activity
  • Are involved in their creative community
  • Have not yet been showcased outside their primary country of residence
  • Devote a minimum of 24 hours per week to their art
  • Make a financial commitment to their practice and seek their primary income from their artistic work
  • Have little presentation or publication history
  • Are enrolled in, or have recently graduated from, a related degree/diploma program
  • Self identify as an emerging artist.

Please Note: You may not fit all these points and that is OK. It is most important that you self-identify as an emerging artist.


Applicants must also provide the following: 

  • Brief description of project with schedule (must include at least three meetings between Mentor and Mentee) 
  • Brief bio of Mentor/Collaborator 
  • Brief bio of Mentee 
  • Letter from Mentor/Collaborator agreeing to proposed mentorship 
  • Mentorship must be completed within a reasonable time frame 


Final Report Requirements 

  •  Upon completion of project, a brief final report with photo (if applicable) 
  •  If final project involves community performance/show 
  • Testimonial from Mentee and Mentor 
  •  If public presentation - RBC Foundation and Yukon Arts Centre must be credited. Logos available upon request. 


Selection process 

The applications will be juried by staff members of Yukon Arts Centre and a member of the Yukon Arts Community. 

Applicants will be notified 10 days from receipt of application.