Culture Quest

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Culture Quest was created to prepare Yukon artists for the Canada Winter Games and then the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver. Yukon artists have fully participated in many national events since then - such as Canada’s Northern Scene, Magnetic North Theatre Festival and the Aboriginal Curatorial Collective.  .  Culture Quest has proven itself an excellent tool for supporting the cultural initiatives of First Nations and Yukon Communities.   It has helped Yukon artists, of all disciplines, to find their talents, discover their strengths and bring their work to Canada and the world. The Yukon Arts Centre will, through Culture Quest address three identified areas of success for the fund:

• Create new expressions in culture and arts
• Support the showcasing of work out-of-territory
• Foster creative capacity in Yukon communities with barriers to sustained participation in the arts

In 2017/18 Yukon Arts Centre will assist First Nations, community partners and Yukon artists to plan and execute initiatives that will address the following:


• First Nations expression of their culture and art, thereby enriching the lives of all Yukon residents ( this includes projects within cultural festivals and gatherings, song revival, storytelling, traditional dancing and other activities which involve public appreciation or engagement).
• The continued growth of and development of creation, performance, or presenting capacity in the cultural sector, particularly in underserved communities or sectors. (This can include developing a performance circuit or a curated or targeted presentation space or other capacity projects).
• The creation and support of opportunities for artists to explore and develop ties between contemporary art and our cultural heritage or history.
• The ability of Yukon artists to prepare their work for the national or international stage (such as mounting or rehearsing a production for a national tour and other production activities)
•  Support opportunities for Yukon artists to tour within Yukon and for performances or exhibitions beyond Yukon where there is significant exposure or impact on a national or international stage and when the project objectives align with Culture Quest objectives and priorities.


• The Yukon cultural community – arts, heritage, museums, archives
• Communities throughout the Yukon including communities of interest


• Investment, through funding, leadership and services, in events, training/development, partnerships and innovative commissions leading to the development of an array of cultural products and projects
• Through innovative programming and programming partnerships open the doors of cultural creativity for the diversity of communities that make up Yukon
• The fund will support a wide range of activity that results in tangible and intangible outcomes such as original works of art, knowledge, collaborations, presentations, exhibitions tours showcases and events.


2017-18 Programme Priorities

• The 150th Anniversary of Confederation in Canada
• The 75th Anniversary of the Alaska Highway
• Creating new expressions in culture and arts
• Supporting the showcasing of work outside the territory
• Fostering creative capacity in Yukon communities with barriers to sustained participation in the arts.

Eligible Expenses:

• Planning, coordination, travel, promotion, communications, marketing, wages, general management tools and content necessary to ensure project’s success.
Application Process:
• Write a project description describing how your project meets the objectives and priorities of the Culture Quest program
• Submit a budget reflecting your Revenues and Expenses for the project.  There must be revenues associated with each project and these must be reflected in the budget. This can include in –kind revenues.
• Please note: we fund per diems of $50/day.


Submit by email to or by mail to:
Michele Emslie
Yukon Arts Centre
Box 16
Whitehorse, YT  Y1A 5X9

For more information call: Michele Emslie, Culture Quest Manager at 867.667.8476 or email your questions to email address above.