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The ATCO Electric Yukon Youth Gallery displays the work of young artists throughout the Yukon in a professional gallery setting. The youth gallery will accept exhibition proposals anytime during the year on a first come, first served basis. Please submit a propsal including the type of work that will be shown (theme), the amount (for example, how many pieces, what are the sizes of the pieces approximately etc), whose work will be shown and a contact person that the curator can reach by email and phone. Exhibits are planned 3-6 months in advance. Organizers and youth are welcome to set up their own exhibitions or have a staff member assist them. If there are more then 50 pieces in a show, or the works are an unusual size, we require a minimum of 1 volunteer to help assist from the orgranization or party applying. To book an exhibition, please contact the curator, Rebecca Manias by email at  or 867 393 7109.

2017 ATCO Electric Yukon Youth Gallery Schedule

2017 - December 7 - 21: Culture Days Community Art Project organized by Nicole Bauberger

2018 ATCO Electric Yukon Youth Gallery Schedule

Jan 5 - 27: Chrsit the King Elementry Grade 5 class Honouring the First Cat in Space

Feb 2 - 24: Goldenhorn Elementry

March 2 - 31: Owen Williams

April 6 - 28: l’école Émilie-Tremblay

May 4 - 26: Jack Hulland

June 1 - 30: Heart of Riverdale Exhibition

July 6 - 28: 

August 3 - September 1: Amzie Goodall-Cooke Exhibition 

September 6 - 29:  

October 5 - 27: 

November 2 - December 1: Carvaran dix mots presented by Association franco-yukonnaise

December 6 - 21:


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2015 - 2016 Exhibition Schedule