Chilkoot Trail | Daphne Mennell

June 7 - August 24

Chilkoot Trail is an exhibit iconic to those who have hiked the trail, or have ever dreamed of hiking the trail. Mennell focuses her work on trail milestones like "Beaver Pond" and the Parks Canada warming cabin, a happy site for weary hikers who just completed the "Golden Stairs". Inspired from her 2014 Chilkoot Trail Artist Residency with the Yukon Arts Centre, Chilkoot Trail features paintings and sketches of the landscapes she encountered. 



"I love, and so chose to focus on the natural diversity of the trail. In its short span one travels through three major eco regions; the coastal forest, the alpine, and the montane/boreal forest. I was excited by the challenge I would face trying to describe it, and knew that I would grow artistically in the process."
- Daphne Mennell

Mennell is a local Yukon artist, whose work often focuses on the Northern landscapes she calls home. Daphne is perhaps most well known for her "The House" sculpture which sits atop Two-Mile Hill, and has evolved to become a Yukon landmark. For more information about Daphne Mennell, visit her website HERE

Chilkoot Trail opens alongside Audible Landscapes in the Yukon Arts Centre Public Gallery, June 7, 5:30-7:30.


Audible Landscapes: Select Works from the Chilkoot Trail Artist Residency

June 7 - August 24


Featuring works from four previous Chilkoot Trail Residency artists, Audible Landscapes explores the diversity of works the trail has inspired. From accordian books to film, the Chilkoot Trail's ecology and history is a constant muse.


Michelle Latimer

Michelle Latimer is the showrunner, director, and writer of the breakout Indigenous resistance series RISE (Viceland), which premiered at the 2017 Sundance Film Festival and went on to screen internationally. Her latest film Nuuca (executive produced by Laura Poitras) premiered at the 2017 Toronto International Film Festival and screened at the 2018 Sundance Film Festival. Her films have screened at film festivals internationally, including Sundance, TIFF, Berlinale, Rotterdam, ImagineNATIVE, Aspen Shorts, Oberhausen and Cannes, and her work has been acquired by National Gallery of Canada. In 2013, Michelle was selected by Playback Magazine as one of Canada’s Top Ten Filmmakers to Watch, and the Canadian Broadcasting Company (CBC) recently named her among the “Great Canadian Filmmakers of the Future”. Michelle is of Métis/Algonquin descent and much of her work is dedicated to the pursuit of Indigenous rights and sovereignty.

Michelle's work Nimmikaage (She Dances for People) is a film piece that 'shifts the balance of power to reclaim the Canadian narrative, putting the enduring strength and resilience of Indigenous women at the forefront'.


Steve Snell

Steve Snell is inspired by local history, myth, and the image of the American west. He calls his
work adventure art. It is in an effort to create heroic narratives for the present day or at least
project images of them. This adventure and community-based practice has led him to variety
of experiences, ranging from floating the Connecticut River in a couch-boat to a random
encounter with Alec Baldwin while hiking across Western Massachusetts. Steve has been
an Artist-in-Residence at the Teton ArtLab in Jackson, WY, the Tallgrass Prairie National
Preserve in Chase County, KS, and along the Chilkoot Trail in Alaska and British Columbia.
Steve earned his M.F.A. in Studio Art from the University of Massachusetts Amherst (2011) as
well as a B.F.A. in Painting / B.S. in Art Education from Miami University (2006). He currently is
an Assistant Professor of Art in the Foundation Department at the Kansas City Art Institute.

Some Videos from the Wild West: The Chilkoot Trail. A series of things seen and stories heard from across the North American landscape. Everything is true or at least possibly true. This particular chapter +focuses on the Chilkoot Trail of Alaska and Canada, made famous during the Klondike Gold Rush.


Anthony Wallace

Anthony Wallace is a composer, sound artist and filmmaker. His musical pursuits have taken him on adventures in West Africa where he studied hand percussion and drum construction, to the far north in the Arctic Circle making installations in canyons and down south to the Caribbean to produce dance music. He is the Producer and Co-director of The Peel Project, an interdisciplinary Feature Documentary and touring Art Exhibit exploring six artists journey through the Peel River Watershed in the Yukon and Northwest Territories. Anthony’s music has been played on the CBC radio, his sound installations have toured nationally and he has worked on film/TV productions for CBC, APTN, Vision TV and Historica Canada. Anthony obtained an Honours BFA in composition from York University and is the founder of Studio 110 a multimedia production company based out of Toronto.


Julie Zhu

Julie Zhu is a composer and carillonneur whose work lies at an intersection of music, mathematics, and visual representation.  Zhu is the resident carillonneur at Saint Thomas Church Fifth Avenue in New York City, and has performed and exhibited throughout Europe and America.  Zhu’s compositional practice spans painting, sculpture, installation, performance art, in relation to contemporary classical music.  Since 2012, Zhu has taught an interdisciplinary approach to painting, drawing, and design, in artist residencies in public schools and summer camps in Alaska.

Julie Zhu created accordion books to reflect the landscape and journey of the Chilkoot Trail during her residency in 2016.  The folded, continuous pages were both sketchbook and music composition, exploring a more emotional notation in a visual score and incorporating time into viewing a painting. Off the trail, Zhu composed a keyboard piece based on her painted and drawn marks, which collaborator Peter Kramer arranged for cello and piano, titled “Temper.”  This recording is played by their friends, Issei Herr and Robert Fleitz.


Audible Landscapes opens alongside Chilkoot Trail in the Yukon Arts Centre Public Gallery, June 7, 5:30-7:30.



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