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The Community Gallery is an exhibition space for professional artists (emerging and established) of the fine art, design and craft disciplines. It is located in the lobby of the Yukon Arts Centre.  The Community Gallery mandate is to present and promote the works of local and regional artists in the Yukon.  Exhibitions can run up to 4 weeks in length. The Gallery will accept exhibition proposals anytime during the year on a first come, first served basis.  Exhibits are planned 12 months in advance.  To book an exhibition, please contact the curator email or 867 393 7109.

A selection of our upcoming exhibitions:

2018 Exhibitions

January 5 - 27: Joseph Volf - Fragments of Space

February 2 - 24:  Available Light Film Festival Artist - Selene Vakharia

March 2 - March 31:  Yukon School of Visual Arts

April 6 – 28: Heather Steinhagen

May 4 – 26: Claire Strauss

June 1 - 30: Suki Wellman

July 6 - 28: Colin Alexander

August 3 - September 1: The Peel Watershed Portrait Exhibition 

September 6 - 29:  Continuing Care: Artistic Expressions

October 5 - 27: Erin Dixon

November 2 - December 1: Teresa Vander Meer-Chasse

December 6 - 21: New Chapter Project





  • This 350 sq.ft space with 8ft high walls and gallery lighting, features a high traffic area adjacent to our Public Gallery entrance and Box Office and is ideal for smaller works 2D and sculptural artworks, installations and interactive exhibits.  Exhibit Dimensions Right Wall 18.3 ft with curved corner, Centre Wall 17.7 ft, Left Wall 16ft
  • An annual visitation of over 6000 people
  • Opportunity for artist led art education related to the exhibition; artist talks, panel discussion, workshops.
  • Public Arts Education, school tours and public gallery tours include the Community Gallery.
  • Promotion of the exhibition on local listerves, our website and social media.
  • Opening or closing reception


Submissions to the Community Gallery are accepted on an ongoing basis; we are now accepting proposals for 2017. Submissions to the Community Gallery are reviewed by the gallery Curator. The space is increasingly popular, and artists are advised to contact us early on with their upcoming projects.

Submission Requirements:

  • Statement of Intent (what you would like to show in the Community Gallery, dates you would like)
  • Artist Statement
  • Artist Biography
  • Artist Contact Information
  • Images of the intended artwork for the exhibition


  • It is the responsibility of the artist to set up and take down their own exhibition.   The Yukon Arts Centre does not pay artists for shows in the Community Gallery; however, the Yukon Arts Centre also does not take a commission from any sales that might occur as a result of these shows.
  • The Community Gallery is a public space within the Yukon Arts Centre; therefore, all artwork must be suitable for visitors of all ages and contain no offensive images or statements.
  • The Community Gallery is made available to artists as a public service.  The Yukon Arts Centre will endeavor, to the best of its ability, to ensure the safety of the artwork in the Community Gallery.  However, the Yukon Arts Centre cannot and does not insure the artwork and assumes no responsibility for any loss or damage that may occur while the work is on display in the public Gallery.