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Images in landscapes provide the vehicle for Ziehe's exploration of light and colour relationships. She is most interested in how nature reclaims wilderness after human impact and she constantly find beauty in small, hidden corners. 


For the exhibition Veiled Hoods and Stains, Cal Lane combines delicate lacework and discarded steel car and truck hoods to create two series of related works. Traditionally used as a symbol of purity to adorn clerical robes, or to evoke fragility and femininity, lace both reveals and conceals. For her Veiled Hoods (2014), Lane uses a plasma cutter as her needle and thread to cut elegant lace patterns in the steel hoods, connecting the history of labour-intensive craft to the mass production of the contemporary automotive industry. Lane's painstaking process, which transforms readymade objects into captivating sculptures, gives the ornate material strength and durability. Whereas hoods are often designed to cover, hide, or protect, the elaborate motifs on Lane's structures expose the skeletons hidden underneath the appearance of stability. The intricate lacework that Lane carves into the industrial material uncovers the layers of contradictions inherent to her choice of materials. If hoods can sometimes be threatening, such as the ones worn by those who wish to conceal their identity, Lane's simultaneously veil and expose to disclose the fragility of the steel structure and the strength of the decorative pattern.
Text by Sophie Lynch