The Northwestel Art Lover’s Series presents Praxis Theatre's production of You Should Have Stayed Home: A G20 Romp

In June 2010, Toronto was the site of the G20 Summit, which resulted in the largest mass arrest in Canadian history. A scathing report by Ontario’s ombudsman spoke of “the most massive compromise of civil liberties in Canadian history.” Tommy Taylor, a passerby, wound up being kettled, arrested, handcuffed, and held in a cage in Toronto Film Studios, without charge, for nearly 24 hours. Upon his release he wrote an 11,000 note to Facebook stating, “I’m going to start by saying that at no point in this note will I be exaggerating, bending the truth or lying in any way. I can also say I have never felt this angry, violated or betrayed.” The note went viral and was subsequently adapted into this award-winning theatrical presentation by Praxis Theatre and The Original Norwegian, performed by Taylor himself.

*This show is an on-the-wing performance and has limited seating

We are searching for a diversity of participants to perform in a ten-minute scene. No acting experience is required. If you are interested please contact