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hearts are meant to be broken: by Janelle Hardy

Taking the concept of internal migrations within Canada as a launching point, Hardy uses miniature self-portraiture, photography, dance on film, and a family tree mobile to explore concepts of self, home, loss, letting go, peeling back layers, and the birth and death processes as ways of finding and discovering oneself. Of particular inspiration are fairytales, specifically Sealskin, Soulskin as explored by Clarissa Pinkola Estes, and the poem One Art by Elizabeth Bishop.

Pilgrimage: The Lust of Grief: by Louise Hardy

This series of felts began as a response to Hardy’s dreams during the last months of her husband's life and through the 18 months after his death. She was compelled to collect old wool blankets, mostly from the Salvation Army. These cloths became her "salvation's blankets” and represent “renewal of the worn and weary” which is at the heart of the desire for pilgrimage. Salvaging discarded blankets, the shelter closest to our body, gave her comfort and “a sense of recreating my tattered life.” She continues, “Blankets are on the beds we make love in, the beds we dream in, so it would follow that lust would awaken me from the slumber of my grief.”