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Works by Sonja Ahlers, Shuvinai Ashoona, Jim Holyoak, David Horvitz, Jeff Ladouceur, Nadia Moss, Rosemary Scanlon, Joseph Tisiga,  and Jen Weih, curated by Jennifer Cane

The exhibition’s title,  "Sleep of Reason" is derived from  Spanish artist Francisco Goya's 1799 work "The Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters" from his series Los Caprichos.  The exhibition presents contemporary drawing, painting, sculptural and installation works by a number of Canadian artists who address, complexify, discount, and even poke fun at the notion of ‘the artist as dreamer'. Do artists who represent the imaginary, the ethereal, and the extraordinary be said to inhabit our everyday world?  Goya’s 18th Century work chronicles injustice, corruption, oppression and the greed of the monarchy—urgent issues of his time disguised within both playful and darkly comic scenarios.  Taking this work as a departure, the exhibition seeks contemporary versions of the visionary social critic.