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 Carole Condé + Karl Beveridge: Recent Works

This exhibition includes Condé and Beveridge’s work from 2006 on, recent work that has not only focused on labour but also on environmental and social activism. The artists now make photomontages digitally; these intricate collages centre on art historical revisionism and allegory to bring across contemporary political messages. Included in the exhibition are works on the four elements: The Fall of Water (the global politics of water based on a painting by Bruegel), Salt of the Earth (a black and white series produced in collaboration with migrant farm workers), AIRwave (a 7.5-minute video based on Michael Snow's Wavelength), and a work on economics, The Plague (a portrait of the 2008 financial crisis).


Michael Yuhasz: Scenic City

Sponsored by Great North Development Group

Michael Yuhasz relocated to Owen Sound, Ontario, in 2008, following 13 years in Dawson City, Yukon. Scenic City consists of a large series of digital photographs shot in and around the Owen Sound area. Scenic City explores the town’s dystopic side: a disappearing manufacturing sector, economic decay, along with soulless monster home developments for the fortunate minority. There is a sense of nostalgia for industrial and even agrarian eras communicated through the rusted relics, peeling paint, and hints of pastoral calm. Though the images are from a specific locale, the scenarios they depict are playing themselves out all across small town North America.