The 24-piece Problematic Orchestra is back for 2018's winter solstice with: Folksongs. Inspired in part, by composer Luciano Berios' seminal work of the same title, Yukon's Daniel Janke brings us all new contemporary and traditional folk arrangements. 

"Our approach for the concerts on December 20 and 21, 2018 will be at times improvisational, and at other times through-composed, and will utilize vocal and instrumental strengths present within the 20-piece Problematic Orchestra.1 Original compositions and arrangements will be done by director Daniel Janke, and select
members of the ensemble, and the community. Having the ensemble also engaged as singers - both as soloist and/or as homophonic or polyphonic choir - presents a new layer of possibilities for the composer / arrangers."
- Daniel Janke

In the strong tradition of folks music (music by the folk) in the north, 2018's theme is intentionally very broad and encompassing. We're privileged to once again this annual winter solstice tradition. The Problematic Orchestra is consistently an opportunity to celebrate the diversity of original arts in our community, and a moment of personal reflection on the longest night.

The concert includes commissioned works from Olivier deColombel, Bronwen Duncan, Matthew Lien, Paul Lucas, Anna Avery, Scott Maynard, and Daniel Janke
Directed by Daniel Janke, Problematic Orchestra is a production of Longest Night Society.

For more information visit their website HERE.