The 26-piece Problematic Orchestra is back for 2018’s winter solstice.

The theme for Longest Night 2018 is folksongs. And the program will come from “the folk”, including new and arranged works from Bronwen Duncan, Annie Avery, Scott Maynard, Olivier de Colombel, Paul Lucas, Ben Barrett-Forrest, and Daniel Janke. Featured singers are Fawn Fritzen and Lorène Charmetant.

“One part of our approach this year is to utilize the vocal strengths present within Problematic Orchestra. Having the ensemble members also engaged as singers - both as soloist and/or as homophonic or polyphonic choir - presents a new layer of possibilities for the composers/ arrangers.”  - Daniel Janke

We at Yukon Arts Centre are privileged to once again host this annual winter solstice tradition on December 21st.  The Problematic Orchestra, under the direction of Daniel Janke, is consistently an opportunity to celebrate the diversity of original arts in our community, and a moment of personal reflection on the longest night of the year.

For more information visit their website HERE.