Free NFB film screening at the Yukon Arts Centre Gallery

Short Film selections from "Unikkausivut - Sharing our Stories" -  Discover a powerful portrait of the Inuit experience, past and present, in these documentaries.

Come enjoy the screening before "A Circumpolar Soundscape"


        A clip showing some excerpts of the NFB films collection on Inuit over a 70 years period

PICTURES OUT OF MY LIFE – 1973, (13:09), Nunavut

The drawings and recollections of Inuit artist Pitseolak, from the book of the same title by Dorothy Eber. Depicted here in her seventies, Pitseolak is one of the most famous of the graphic artists of the Cape Dorset (Baffin Island) artists’ colony and co-operative. Her colour pencil and felt-pen drawings vividly illustrate her memories of life in the Arctic, and of the birds, animals and spirits that figured so prominently in the daily life of the Inuit.

CANADA VIGNETTES : FROM LABRADOR NORTH - 1979, (4 :00), Nunatsiavut

Vignette sur les difficultés qu'éprouvent les communautés inuites qui ont été chassées de leurs terres ancestrales.


A vignette on ice fishing and throat singing in Povungnituk.

Northern Games – 1981, (25:40), Inuvialuit

A look at the traditional games of the Inuit as they are practised eight hundred kilometres north of the Arctic Circle by youth in competition from communities across the North. The film describes the skills required to play the games, the traditions on which they are based and the spirit of co-operation, as opposed to fierce competition, that inspires the participants.

VISTAS – INUKSHOP – 2009, (2:16)

Inuit filmmaker Jobie Weetaluktuk combines new and archival footage to make a statement about the appropriation of his culture throughout history.