Mark Preston began studying silver carving under renowned Gitksan artist Phil Janzé while attending K’san in Hazelton, BC. He then began learning the techniques of wood carving with carver, Eugen Alfred. Mark is a multidisciplinary artist who works in a variety of mediums. His contemporary pieces are inspired by minimalism and abstraction. Mark recontextualizes Northwest Coast formline shapes by making precise cutouts into panels, thus turning traditional shapes into negative space.

Preston says: “Over the course of my art career, I have strived to align my understanding of the world by evoking a relationship with where I saw my personal life going. It has taken years of working in various mediums and using a number of themes to harness a harmony and skill to create this new body of work. It is my belief that as beings we all strive to find understanding and to come to a place of peace and contentment within ourselves. I hope this work has in some way achieved has for me. tenna-tsa-teh (master of the copper in all the land)"