Kim Barlow has been with us since the summer of ’92, a hot one like this year. It was the summer the Arts Centre was built (and she was even one of our volunteers on opening day). 

Over the years, inspired by the Yukon, she wrote a lot of songs, toured, collaborated, and recorded the gems Humminah, Gingerbread, luckyburden and Champ. Now she is going back to Nova Scotia, but before she goes, she’s bringing you a show - a retrospective, a chance to re-visit the old songs, introduce some new ones, and share a night with her beloved Yukoners.

Here is Kim chatting with Dave White on CBC

Andrea McColeman, Dave Haddock, Lonnie Powell, Micah Smith and Helene Beaulieu are the band. Special guests include low-down beer-suckin’ Kim Beggs, Natalie Edelson (remember the Ladies Auxiliary?), Bob Hamilton and Daniel Janke. As a special treat, Besty Sims and Martha Scott Stey are coming up from Juneau, Alaska to join in on some Glacial Erratics hits.

Come say goodbye to the girl.