This historic exhibition will take you through the stories of the Elders and others involved in the Mackenzie Pipeline Inquiry using a variety of mediums, from portraits and scrapbooks to iPads and screens. Come and learn more about how this Inquiry has shaped our lives today.

The Inquiry, which was held in the Northwest Territories in the early 70′s, has been widely recognized as an important time in history for the voice it gave to the Aboriginal people whose traditional territory would have been affected by the Mackenzie pipeline.

“It was going to be the biggest private construction project in history. But before a pipeline could be built, the impact on the North’s people had to be determined. That task was given to Justice Thomas Berger, who embarked on an extraordinary three-year odyssey across the Arctic. His report shocked the government that appointed him, and was heralded by some as ‘Canada’s Native Charter of Rights.’ ”-From the CBC Digital Archives