The Northwestel Art Lover’s Series presents 605 Collective's Inheritor Album

Inheritor Album is a collaborative creation by the company: Lisa Gelley, Shay Kuebler and Josh Martin, in a shared process with additional performers Justine Chambers, David Raymond and Laura Avery. Drawn from selected interpretations of inheritance and succession, the full-length album is a collection of eclectic short pieces that pull apart roles of inheritor and predecessor, exploring transition between the two, tracing roots and lineage to create brief snapshots of a generational place in time. The 605 Collective continues to build on a combined movement vocabulary derived from house, hip-hop, capoeira and contemporary dance practices. This work features an original sound designed by Kristen Roos, and integrated projected film/animation elements created by award-winning visual artist Miwa Matreyek.
The 605 Collective is a fusion of urban culture and contemporary dance, a runaway hit, a powerful symbol of the new. Inheritor Album acknowledges the lineage of dance passed from generation to generation and then smashes every preconception of contemporary dance, offering a fresh and vital experience of the now. Celebrate with this new generation of dance artists.