About the Exhibition:
Imagine the Portrait features a series of imaginary portraits representing different human emotions and inner states, mixing natural mediums such as berries, leeks, and greens with more with traditional mediums such as ink and coloured pencil. 

Since 2007, MxDeschesnes frequently creates with natural mediums. This technique helped him break the straight lines and clean drawing he was used to. His style quickly became spontaneous, instinctive, and sometimes abstract.

Creating with natural mediums is pretty much a game, and a meditation. Lines are drawn and anything that stains makes its way into the drawing, forcing the artist to compose with it. The elements take their place where they belong and the artwork slowly gets defined. The result is always colourful and a bit busy.

About the Artist:
Made in Québec, living in the Yukon since September 2010, Maxime Deschesnes is now the father of a little Yukonnais and very proud of him Also, he is a shy artist with hidden talents trying to make his way in the art world.

MxD studied Graphic Design and Cartoon Animation at school, worked as a Graphic Designer until and always has been creating something else on the side (he is a bit geeky). Usually more known for his photo manipulation skills, it was time for him to experiment with something else, with no computer involved.