Join the over 1 million people who have viewed this exhibition across North America and chill out with a great new travelling  exhibition on ice age mammals. This exhibition features dozens of real fossils, touchable casts and specimens along with really cool interactives. Over 90 of the specimens in this show are from the Yukon. Dramatic murals by former Yukon-based palaeoartist George "Rinaldino" Teichmann round out the experience of Ice Age Mammals. Contemporary and relevant research is presented in an engaging way that is designed to appeal to the public and to school audiences. The exhibition focuses on ice age mammals, climate change, extinction and human impact on climate and species.


Ice Age Mammals exhibition is a partnership between the Canadian Museum of Nature, the Montreal Science Centre, Royal Tyrrell Museum and the Yukon Beringia Interpretive Centre.

To book a tour, please contact Jessica Vellenga at or call at (867) 393-7109.