Touraf is an artist collective with special interests in projects focussing on people’s relationship to the world. Yukon artist Marie-Hélène Comeau comes with a background in Anthropology and French accent while Dr. Love has a degree in Sociology, Savoureuses and Chinois cuisine. The combination enables a unique melange of artworks to be created.

Face Us is the result of an art exploration of our occupation in time within our everyday sphere of existence specifically in the Yukon. It all began in Dawson City through the winters of 2010 and 2012. Toronto artist Dr. Love drew a series of portraits of the residents of Dawson City. The portraits reflect snap-shots of the participants within that specific time frame marking our passing trace in the world. In the summer of 2014 Dr. Love returned to Dawson City with over 200 of the portrait drawings transformed as strings of Prayer Flags and displayed them as an art installation over the city. 

In 2014, Yukon artist Marie-Hélène Comeau was chosen to participate in the Yukon’s first edition of Nuit Blanche in the city of Whitehorse. Her interactive art performance was a 12 hours tribute to acknowledge the mobility of the territory’s population. Through the duration of the night the artist along with visitors created origami paper boats containing the names of Yukoners who had moved on and left traces of their memories with the people who remained. The paper boats eventually covered the entire floor of the community room in the Centre de la Francophonie in downtown Whitehorse.

With the exhibition Face Us, Touraf is combining these projects with the addition of the Mammoth to further the idea of traces in history we leave behind. It gives a nod to all of our presence and contributions in creation. Our experiences and stories become important integral part of the Yukon landscape no matter who we are.