Well embedded in the Yukon music and performance scene, Dave Haddock has been busy working on many projects. From singer to band leader to composer, arranger, producer, guitarist, bassist, and vocalist, Haddock is one of the most in-demand players and collaborators in the community. We're excited because he is gearing up to release his third album of original songs, "Talk to Me" after ten long years. His last album, "keep it simple" was released back in January of 2002. 

The "Talk to Me" CD release will be an intimate on-the-wing concert and will have band members Jordy Walker, Lonnie Powell, Micah Smith and Andrea McColeman backing up Haddock. 

The evening will begin with ambience created by local musicians Sauna Music, and Dave will also present some older and even newer songs along with some improvisatory collaborations with some of Yukon's favourite players.

Check out Dave on Bandcamp, he has posted a sampling of songs to tease us with.